Business Process Flow Disappears after December Update in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is now part of Microsoft Dynamics 365 business solution. For on-premise customers, your CRM will be rebranded with December Update. December Update also brought some new cool function which will improve users and administrators productivity (like an editable grid). As a part of these changes, Microsoft created a completely new editor for Business Process Flows. I really appreciate two things:

  • It is much easier to edit complicated Business Process Flows.
  • You can run specific Workflow for each flow stage.

However, we experienced an error after an update of our development environment. Some of our flows were somehow damaged during the update. After the update, the flows were not visible on entities forms. When I run the “Switch Process” command, I saw an error. I dug in logs to get more information about the error, but I found only Unexpected Exception messages. It was also impossible to deactivate the flows or to export them as a part of a solution. Finally, I was able to run the “Save as” command to create a copy of the flows. I set one of the copies as the highest priority process (using the “Order Process Flow” command). Then a new record for the entity was created successfully with the flow active on its form. Unfortunately, I was not a final solution because it did not solve the problem for already existing records.