Copy contact info to clipboard by one click in Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 is a very efficient application for storing contacts and accounts data. CRM users often need to share some contact or account data with another person. Sharing with other employees of the same company is easy and can be done by Email a link command. But users need to share data also with a person outside their companies. For example, employees want sometimes send a salesman contact to a potential customer.


We have developed a workflow which sends contact data to user’s e-mail and then the user can resend this e-mail to another person. However, users demanded faster and more efficient way. So I have created a button which is situated on Contact and Account entity forms. After clicking on this button the data are copied into Windows Clipboard. The user can paste the data anywhere he wants just by pressing Ctrl+V. This is a much more straightforward way and we have received positive reviews from our customers.