Frustration is not a Crime

Sometimes I read or hear an opinion, that voting should be compulsory. Last time I saw it in Waleed Aly article. It is interesting that Mr. Aly lives in Australia where voting really is compulsory. If Australian does not go to an election, he or she will have to pay a fine for this “crime”. In my country, we de facto used to have an obligation to vote too. During the communist era, citizens we force to go to the election despite they had no choice but to vote for the communist party. The elections could not change anything, but still, people had to go there. If they did not go, the could be fired or worse.

Because of this experience (which people still remember), I believe it would be extremely unpopular to force people to go to elections again. Czech people value their freedom and the possibility not to go to the election is part of it. So some politicians talk about it from time to time (and like we know, the politicians like to talk), but no one tries to make it real.